At what point do we lose our compassion? This is a question I’ve wondered about for quite some point because all children are born compassionate and at some point it’s programmed out of us. This article is to highlight that.


Mental Programming

While this may or may not be supported by scientific evidence, I believe we are ALL born with compassion and empathy. Even the most evil people in history like Hitler and Stalin, as a baby or young child that would have had no influence from other people, I don’t think the thoughts to commit genocides was something they thought. Racism, sexism, and all the other harmful ‘isms’ is a learned behaviour, it’s programmed into us by our parents and our peers, whether it’s intentional is case to case.

Take the above video for example. The adults, when asked what they would change about themselves picked traits which are clearly influenced by others. The woman who said other people liked girls with big eyes so she wanted bigger eyes. Another woman said that she’d change her forehead because it’s large, that people called her “fivehead”.

Cut to the children and they say they would change themselves by having a mermaid tail, teleportation or a shark mouth so he can eat lots of food.

It’s quite clear that hating or disliking parts of yourself is a learned behaviour and heavily influenced by other people and media that we consume or are forced to consume on a daily basis, through advertising and the TV shows, commercials that are ingrained in today’s society.

Wouldn’t it then make sense that we can be manipulated to lose something as basic as our empathy and compassion?

Let’s take a look at some of the things that as a society are collectively held beliefs.

This section isn’t aimed at debunking thoroughly the lies we’ve been led to believe, but instead its to relate it towards how these beliefs are responsible for us acting against our base instincts and believing it is okay to commit atrocities, leaving our compassion behind us.

Lies we’ve been told

Just to be clear, this has gone on for decades, perhaps even centuries. If your grandparents or great grandparents were told a lie enough times and believed it and they then passed it on to their children who believed it, then it would be passed on through the generations, leading to the situation we have now. If everybody is passing the same lie on, then that just becomes our culture. In addition it’s not just what your parents and grandparents are saying, but it’s supported by literature, articles online, advertisements, text books in school, it’s the world around you. It’s also brainwashing you.

Take a look at the following video and take a moment to think if you’re being lied to

Lie 1: The Food Chain

The food chain is taught in school, as far as I know, all over the world. You will remember it going something like this, which actually looking at it now, on any food chain, I’ve never seen humans appear anywhere, or pigs, chickens, cows and the other animals we eat. I’ve spotted a couple with chickens, but the chain shows chickens to eat bugs, rather than grain and antibiotics. It’s very telling that none of these food chains show us on it, because we aren’t part of the food chain.

If you’re part of the food chain, where animals will rarely, if ever, die of old age, instead they die by being eaten by something else. Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. Have you ever seen a lion in your local supermarket, or any animal for that matter, buying their groceries for the week. Animals don’t have a choice over what they eat. They eat or they die.
  2. If you were bitten by a snake and going to die, like any animal in the food chain. Would you seek anti venom to avoid death? If your answer is yes, then you aren’t part of the food chain.

Lie 2: The Circle of Life

I’m not entirely sure that this comes from the Lion King, but it seems to be the earliest reference to the lie I can find. In the Lion King, you were shown the circle of life, with the lyrics going roughly like this:

“It’s the circle of life, and it moves us all
Lock up all the giraffes and the gazelles in cages
My name is Mufasa and I’m a hungry lion
Artificial insemination is normal
I bought my meat at Sainsbury’s, because I’m an Apex predator”

I may be remembering the lyrics a little wrong, it’s been a while. Nowhere in the song does it mention imprisoning billions of animals and eating them. If the circle of life were true, we wouldn’t put down dogs after they maul a child, or kill animals who escape the zoo. If the circle of life was something we truly believed then any mass murder event wouldn’t be a tragedy, because “everything lives and dies”.

Lie 3: Meat, eggs, dairy for protein, calcium, iron etc

Simply, if we need animal products for protein, and essential vitamins/nutrients, why aren’t vegans dying of nutrient deficiencies. Why is there a rise of athletes who have attributed their enhanced performance and recovery time to their plant based diet? Why aren’t all vegans dead due to their diet not being sufficient? Sure, it’s advisable to take a B12 supplement, but that can be said for everyone (B12 is found in dirt). You’ll find people deficient in things no matter their diet.

Lie 4: It’s Natural

If eating animals was natural, why do we not eat dogs and cats and horses? If eating animals was natural, why do you have to cook their corpses for it to become safe to eat? If eating animals was natural, why do we not lick our lips and salivate when we see the throat of an animal sliced open and blood pouring out? If eating animals was natural, why do we complain when there’s a little bit of gristle in our steak? If eating animals was natural, why is there an uproar and calls to shut KFC down when someone finds a part of a chicken, in their chicken (see here)? If eating animals was natural, why do we label Jeffrey Dahmer as a pariah, he was just acting on his ‘natural’ impulse, humans are animals. If eating animals was natural, why is it killing us?

Lie 5: It’s okay because our ancestors did it

Our ancestors also married and had babies with their sisters, I suppose that makes it okay? Homosexuals were stoned in the streets, crusades were fought in the name of religion, vikings pillaged and raped the women of countless towns, blacks were used as slaves, and disabled children were abandoned at birth or destroyed. If we live our lives basing our moral compass on that of our ancestors we descent into savagery (and believe the world is flat).

Lie 6: It’s Healthy

This must be true, seeing as how heart disease is the most common cause of death, each year and it’s ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the animals we eat. Nor is type 2 diabetes, obesity, and osteoporosis. None of these are in any way connected to the refined foods, cholesterol, high salt and pus levels that are in animal products.

Lie 7: It’s Humane

If it’s humane what we do to animals, why do people have such a problem showing slaughterhouse footage to children, that is if there’s nothing wrong with doing it. If bacon isn’t a problem, then viewing a video of a pig getting a knife put in their throat should be fine, seeing as people love to know where their food comes from.

These are just a few of the lies we keep being told throughout our lives, but it’s not just told to us. Our senses are bombarded by these lies, daily, from birth we are overloaded with it, so we start believing it.

It’s Everywhere you look

If you’re of the opinion that vegans are shoving our views down your throat, then the marketing companies promoting animal products have really done their job well. They’ve successfully made you blind to the fact that that’s exactly what they’re doing.

This is just a handful of the adverts for animal products we see all over the world, either on billboards, magazines, flyers, junk mail or other visuals. It’s on your TV shows, in movies, music videos. It’s on YouTube, in your text books and just about everywhere you look, there’s no escaping seeing it. Just think how many buzzfeed articles or videos you’ve seen scrolling by that are promoting the consumption of animal products, they have a series dedicated to it (worth it) where they eat differently priced animal products.

Man vs food, furious Pete, and epic meal time are shows which promote a sickening amount of animal products, along with the countless mukbang videos showing people eating 10,000, 20,000 or even more calories worth of foods.

There’s merchandise to promote eating bacon and other foods, mocking what vegans are trying to do. There’s even a fitness diet where you consume a gallon of milk a day to put on weight, which is obscene.

We have global holidays that people celebrate where “If you don’t have meat, it’s not a holiday” is the view that a lot of people have. We have thanksgiving which slaughters turkeys, Christmas is similar with the centrepiece being some kind of dead animal. The Superbowl, which everyone has to eat chicken wings to watch a sports game. We have halloween where you have to go and buy chocolates and sweets to give to kids. Easter, where everyone’s going crazy about chocolate eggs and other treats. Throughout the year we have festivals celebrating eating the ribs and other parts of animals. There are restaurants which serve up unhealthy amounts of food to encourage people to gorge themselves, eating embarrassing amounts of meat.

I could carry on, but you get the point. We’re constantly bombarded by propaganda to convince us to eat meat, eggs, dairy etc, it’s constantly forced down our throats by everyone around us, so it’s no surprise you’d think that was normal behaviour.

Is Showing Children the Truth Wrong?

I mentioned this before, “If it’s humane what we do to animals, why do people have such a problem showing slaughterhouse footage to children” but I wanted to come back to it to summarise the article. People may say, “Well we have to shield our kids from seeing things that may traumatise them”. Well if there’s nothing wrong with it, it should be a problem. If it’s traumatising, why are we doing it in the first place?

Let me ask you this. If every day, for 20 years, your job was to go into work, push a button and leave to return tomorrow to do it again. Imagine if one day you asked what pushing the button did and was told that every day when you push the button, hundreds and thousands of innocent animals were slaughtered. Maybe it starts the conveyor belt in a slaughter house where chickens have their throat slit, or are decapitated?

What would your feelings be? Knowing that for the past 20 years you’ve been responsible for killing animals. If you had known what the button did, would you have pressed it every day for 20 years? Would you press it even once? Would you be traumatised maybe? Would you wish that someone told you sooner so you could have changed your behaviour?

Here’s how kids react when they find out what it is they are eating:

If you looked at these videos and were shocked at the reaction and said something like “This is why we need to shield our kids from the videos”, you are part of a huge problem. This is what you’re saying…

My child is opposed to the killing of animals, so instead of letting them know that they are eating the animals they care about, I’ll hide it from them

Do you not see how twisted, sick and cruel that is? It would be like someone killing your family pet and feeding it to you and not telling you.

When kids are given the information to make the connection between what they eat and the animal, you see this reaction. Why would you make them continue contributing to this?

We are all born kind, at what point were we trained to ignore our compassion and defend the slaughter of billions of animals against our natural instinct? It’s different for different people, but it’s time we reclaimed our compassion and made a change.

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