1 Billion Seconds

When you say 1 billion, most people know it’s a big number, but how big exactly? It’s hard to tell. We know thousands, tens of thousands and millions, those are familiar, but 1 billion is where we begin to struggle to recognise the size.

Let’s make it really simple, we’ll use seconds. You can count one second, you can count to one minute. It’s a period of time that’s easily manageable. Counting every second for an entire day though, could you do that? Maybe, but that’s a lot of seconds.

One million seconds is about 11 and a half days. Not a particularly long amount of time, right? A week and a half (roughly)? You certainly couldn’t count that long, but it’s not a particularly long period of time when you consider how long we live for.

Now with this new perspective of how many seconds 1 million is, you’ll have a better idea at understanding the sheer size that 1 billion is. 1 billion seconds is just over 11574 days, or 31.69 years.

That means, that if you counted every second, every day, you’d be going for 1/3 the entire lifespan of a healthy human.

1 billion is HUGE. Don’t even get me started on 1 trillion (31709 years, in case you wondered).

Why am I bringing this up?

Because when we talk about the victims of the animal agricultural industry, I’m not entirely sure that anyone really can comprehend how much life is being snuffed out. Sure, they can hear the figures and think that it’s a lot, but 65 billion is just a really big number to most. The only familiarity people have with billion is typically how many humans exist, that’s regularly how people hear billion. The other time they hear it is when we talk about the baffling wealth of the 1%.

From http://fishcount.org.uk/fish-count-estimates

  • 970– 2,700 billion fishes are caught from the wild, of which

At their most conservative estimate, 970 billion fish. Bear in mind that I said I wasn’t going to even get into the trillions, but 1000 billion is 1 trillion and with 970 billion as the most conservative estimate, we’re only 30 billion off. This is the most conservative estimate.

31709 years, counting every second, with each second a fish being killed. Or 1 and a half years if 20,000 fish are being killed each second (I could be wrong on this last comment, but it’s fairly late and I’ve not dealt this much with numbers since I was in school). It’s a lot of fish.

According to animal equality: https://www.animalequality.net/food

56 billion land animals are killed each year. I’ve seen figures as high as 65 billion, and as low as 45 billion, either way, it’s a ton of needless brutality. Remember, 31 years to count each second, 1 billion is large. Multiply that by 56 billion and then add that to the fish kills.

Yet, for some reason, humans love calling other species pests. Hunting species for ‘conservation’ because they are endangering the lives of other animals.

And strangely enough, labelling vegans as extreme.

Vegans as extreme? For having the gall to suggest that maybe we stop murdering trillions of animals, unnecessarily? Yes, vegans are extreme. Extremely badass! Got em. (Sorry, not sorry)

What I’d like to suggest is that the next time you go down the route of telling someone that we kill 56 billion animals each year…

Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention in this whole post. I didn’t mention that this is annually. ANNUALLY. These numbers aren’t total animals that have ever been killed for food. This is every single year.

As I was saying… The next time you go the route of telling someone we kill 56 billion animals each year, why not make them aware of just how big a number 1 billion is. It could have way more impact that way perhaps.

Nothing comes close to the level of death that we are inflicting on living beings currently. Not only is it being defended, but those who would seek to speak out against it are being labelled extreme. How incredibly backwards is the world we live in.

I’m not sure how to end this. Have a nice day? Damn, this is the kind of knowledge that makes it hard to sleep at night. Let’s keep working until the only time we pass on the knowledge to our kids that this has happened, it will be speaking from the place that it happened in the past, rather than current day.

Let’s aim to be the civilised and intelligent species we claim to be.

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