This is not a victory for animals

This has already previously been reported on by other vegan news outlets, but I’ve only just come across it and the topic fascinated me, especially as among welfarists, this is treated as a win.

‘Seleggt’ – A German company have made progress in developing technology that they’d like to make free, which would prevent the millions of male chicks which are ground up in a high speed blender, gassed, buried alive, or some other colourful way to murder them, in the egg industry.

When you look at their site and the press releases, this may seem positive, but so does free range eggs and humane slaughter.

As far as I can tell, the process works as so.

#1: A sensor registers if an egg is fertilised

#2: A laser creates a small hole in the fertilised egg

#3: A small amount of ‘allantois fluid’ is extracted from the egg

Now, at this point, things change up, and it’s the reason I wanted to make this article. Well, it’s one of them.

The allantois fluid allows them to figure out if the egg is male or female, because of a hormone known as estrone sulphate, which is probably in the same ball park as estrogen. Maybe this is a typo? It’s only found in the female eggs.

#4: If it’s a female, it goes along to be hatched and goes into the egg industry*

*which is where the welfarists want to cut the conversation short, because as we all know the welfare of chickens in the egg industry is appalling on every level. It’s no longer a win for them.

#5: Male hatchlings and unfertilised hatchlings are turned into ‘High Quality feed’

– Seleggt Process

What I’d like to know. Where are all the pro-life people at? Where are all the pro life advocates to speak up for this? If this process was happening to human babies, they would be livid.

We’re at a point with all the social justice movements involving humans where it’s never been better. On the flip side, the treatment of animals has never been worse (You could argue that it was worse around early 2000s, but that’s another conversation).

The larger our population, the higher the demand for animal products, and the more intensive the farming operation has to be to meet demand. The more intensive the operation, the worse the animals get treated, that’s just undeniable fact.

Sure, you can say that we’re putting laws in place like never before to protect animals, to which I’d say Are we? Are we really?. Sure, there have been stories come out like New Zealand has recognised all animals as sentient.


“If animals are sentient, they should be respected and be free to live a life free from suffering. Factory farming denies animals the chance to perform their natural behaviours. In battery cages, hens can’t even stretch their wings”

Okay cool, so now what? Has New Zealand banned the slaughter of cows and pigs? Are their politicians now animal crusaders?

Or are they still “Slamming Air New Zealand for selling plant based burgers on their flights instead of beef patties”

No, they’re still slicing the throats of cows one week, and getting outraged at the slicing of dogs throats in the Yulin festival another week. Make your minds up, which is it? We either care and protect sentient beings, or we don’t. Are we fighting to empty cages, or just make them comfortable?

I hope that mini rant addresses my point that it’s never been worse for animals.

You’ll see additional reasons why I think it’s never been worse for animals in other articles. THOUGH SAYING THAT… I am optimistic for the future. You’ll see that in future articles too.

I’d like to somehow get back on track with what I was originally wanting to talk about, the eggs.

Why the hell are we throwing money at companies like Seleggt to develop technology like this. We’re developing it because we recognise it’s cruel to murder and abuse animals. Yet what is the egg industry even if we aren’t killing born male chicks? An abusive and murderous industry.

Let’s remind ourselves of everything the females will have to deal with shall we?

– Osteoporosis – Skipping the thousands of years of evolution, we’ve managed to produce hens that produce 20 to 35 times the amount of eggs per year that they would naturally produce. It used to be 10-14, but now it’s 200-350 per year. Egg shells are almost entirely calcium, and we haven’t managed to manipulate them so they can absorb enough calcium from their diet to allow them to recover from the volume of eggs they are forced to produce. Enter osteoporosis (Source)

– Debeaking – Without any pain relief, the beaks of chickens are mutilated. It’s been compared to ripping your finger nail off, based on the receptors in a chicken beak that’s been studied. I can’t find a definitive answer or study which says how painful it is, but it’s no walk in the park. Link: It’s still happening today, (Video 1, Video 2)

– Detoeing – (Video) Again, because it could harm other animals, like de-beaking, we have detoeing.

– General conditions – As standard, the conditions in egg laying operations are just appalling. You’ll see mountains of shit and piss under their cages. Dying or dead birds are left to rot for sometimes weeks, or be cannibalised. The workers will often wear masks because they can’t breathe due to the ammonia. For the chickens, this can cause them to go blind, develop skin conditions and other problems like respiratory conditions. (SourceVideo

The problems go on, but let’s not forget this.

According to Jesse Laflamme, CEO of Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs (which raises certified humane eggs from small family farms), explained one way that ‘non-humane egg’ factories deal with the situation.

“What typically happens is they just gas them with CO2, and asphyxiate them. Then they put them into trucks or dumpsters and they’re landfilled, or they render them”

You can read the rest of that article here: Source

Jesse Laflamme has a lot to say about the negatives with ‘non humane’ factories dealing with the spent hens, making it clear that Pete and Gerry’s Organic eggs are different. They’re humane.

But when you go to their website, this is their answer.

“What happens to the hens when they’re too old to lay eggs?”

“So, while we know some consumers will be unhappy to know that our hens go on to be used for food, we do feel it’s the most responsible thing to do. At the end of a flock’s natural laying cycle, we contract with several poultry transportation and processing companies to purchase our birds. These companies send crews to our farms to pick up the hens. The crews are trained and certified in the humane handling of poultry.


So… Basically the same thing. Very interesting, Jesse. At least you do it ‘humanely’, that’s reassuring.

The point I’m making is: After however long the hens are abused for, they don’t get to retire and live peacefully. The lifespan of a chicken is 8-15 years, yet the life span of a layer hen is 20 months.

She’s still a baby. Link

To tie this all together

This is not a victory. Sure, eventually we might not be macerating, gassing, burying, stamping on, putting in bin bags, or crushing male chicks. But you’ve still got an industry that abuses millions of female animalsand then murders them as soon as they don’t make them money. It’s slavery and genocide on a global level. Forget me asking about where the pro-lifers are, new question – Where are all the feminists? This is millions of females being abused, mutilated, enslaved and then murdered. Is that not something to make at the very least, a twitter rant about?

Or is it acceptable because you participate in the abuse? (Or fine because they are just chickens).

I will concede that it’s better than waiting for the chicks to hatch, than to macerate and gas them. But aborting hatchling chicks is not the answer. The answer is total abolition of the egg industry, without compromises such as this. The RSPCA are probably itching to slap ‘RSPCA Assured Abortion’ on these eggs, alongside their ‘RSPCA Assured’ murder scheme (Source)

This is no reason to support the egg industry, there is no reason to support the egg industry. This is a distraction to draw our focus away from the rest of the egg industry. I mentioned earlier that the welfarists want to end the conversation when you talk about the treatment of the chicks that go into the egg industry, I hope now you understand why.

We could go into the health concerns with eggs, but that’s a whole other article and is a separate point. It’s all completely unnecessary and you aren’t doing an ethical thing by funding research that would allow the egg industry to continue to abuse and murder millions with people now thinking Oh it’s not cruel now, they stopped macerating and murdering the babies”

They. Are. Still. Going. To. Murder. And. Gas. Babies.

Come back to me when the egg industry is over party is up on the Facebook calendar.

P.S: Can we just take a second to laugh at how ridiculous the play on words of ‘Respeggt’ and respect on the picture at the top of the page? Knowing what you know about the egg industry, and what you know about respect. Is this real life?!

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