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You don’t crave meat, you crave seasoning

You don't crave meat, you crave seasoning I hear the same excuses all the time as to why someone can’t go vegan, but some of my favourites include: “I went vegan but craved meat too much” “I can’t go vegan I’d miss meat” “I could never give up cheese/chicken” “You vegans are missing

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2025, The Year the world COULD be vegan, or sooner.

 2025, The Year the world COULD be vegan, or sooner. The world could be vegan by  2025 believe it or not. This is actually a conservative estimate, it could be much sooner. This is the entire world, not just a few million more. I know, I know, I sound like a madman, but

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1 Billion Seconds

1 Billion Seconds When you say 1 billion, most people know it’s a big number, but how big exactly? It’s hard to tell. We know thousands, tens of thousands and millions, those are familiar, but 1 billion is where we begin to struggle to recognise the size. Let’s make it really simple, we’ll

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A Guide For Chefs and Restaurant owners

AFTER MONTHS AND MONTHS OF SEEING PISS POOR EFFORT, THIS HAPPENED This has been a long time coming. This is a guide aimed at head chefs and restaurant owners as to how to make your menu vegan friendly. A Guide to Upping Your Game As mentioned

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To Tiny House, or Not to Tiny House, that is the question.

THIS IS SOMETHING I'VE WANTED TO TALK ABOUT AT LENGTH FOR A WHILE NOW I've only recently discovered tiny houses, sort of in the last two, three years, but I've found myself obsessed with them. It seems like the perfect solution to so many of my, and the worlds problems. This article

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My New Hero, Dale Vince

WHY HAVEN'T I HEARD OF THIS GUY? I've seen articles about the vegan football club show up on my timeline but I've never actually looked into it until I came across a MSN article which covered the actual guy behind it. I've got to say, this guy is one of my newest

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The Most Progressive Countries for Veganism

A COUNTRY BEING FRIENDLY FOR VEGANISM SHOULD INCLUDE THE ANIMALS TOO I feel that when people say a country is good for veganism, they are talking purely about the diet. When I think about a place being good for veganism, I'm thinking about the entire lifestyle, meaning the preservation and protection of

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