1 Billion Seconds

1 Billion Seconds When you say 1 billion, most people know it’s a big number, but how big exactly? It’s hard to tell. We know thousands, tens of thousands and millions, those are familiar, but 1 billion is where we begin to struggle to recognise the size. Let’s make it really simple, we’ll

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My New Hero, Dale Vince

WHY HAVEN'T I HEARD OF THIS GUY? I've seen articles about the vegan football club show up on my timeline but I've never actually looked into it until I came across a MSN article which covered the actual guy behind it. I've got to say, this guy is one of my newest

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The Most Progressive Countries for Veganism

A COUNTRY BEING FRIENDLY FOR VEGANISM SHOULD INCLUDE THE ANIMALS TOO I feel that when people say a country is good for veganism, they are talking purely about the diet. When I think about a place being good for veganism, I'm thinking about the entire lifestyle, meaning the preservation and protection of

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