[Closed] Ethical Debates, a guide to remaining civil.  


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Key word being debates here, not arguments. This section is set up to discuss the various ethical debates we face living a vegan lifestyle. So much of the world around us is built up with animal products thrown into the mix, so it can be difficult to remember everything. It's actually impossible to cut your footprint on the planet down to zero, even if you cut yourself off from society and lived like a caveman, you still have an impact. What you can do is keep in mind things that are creating an impact and either eliminate it or reduce it to an acceptable level.

With this in mind, this section is to debate ethical issues that we face as vegans. If there is already a thread talking about something you want to bring up, don't create a new topic or it will be removed, otherwise this section will quickly become a nightmare.

Remember, we can only bring new information to the table and hope to convince the other side of the argument of your perspective. We won't get anywhere turning things into a screaming match and this behaviour will be filtered out. Disagreeing isn't inherently a bad thing because we're complex and different as humans, but if it devolves into chaos, it's not productive and you don't leave feeling more educated, you just feel negative. 


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