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This list of rules will likely serve as more of a guide with which we will be moderating our forums than anything else. For the meantime we’ll keep it short and the list may get larger as necessary, but we don’t expect to have to put in place bans and mutes of users.
To ensure the forums remain a well organised and managed place to talk all things vegan, we’d appreciate you read and follow the rules. There will be a rule set as a standard for the entire forum, but separate to that, there may be different rules for individual forum sections.

It’s your responsibility to keep up to date with the rules. If your topic/post is edited, closed, or removed it will be down to breaching the rules. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid reason for not following.

Instant Ban Offenses

We really hope we don’t have to ban anyone, but the internet is filled with all sorts of people and we might have to. The following will lead to an instant ban, no warning, and your details (Email, IP address, and other details) black listed from the forums. If necessary you will also be reported to the relevant authorities. We will use discretion when looking at the following offenses.

Illegal Activities – If you use our platform to share links to, encourage others to promote, or otherwise advocate anything illegal. Use common sense for this one, before posting, think to yourself if there’s a good chance you shouldn’t be posting it, then don’t.

Promotion – Unless given express permission, you are not permitted to advertise products and services on our platform. Whether this is your own, or someone else’s products. You are also not allowed to promote websites and social profiles of your own.

The exception to this rule is if someone asks for advice on let’s say a vegan cheese or beauty product, you would be allowed to let them know of a product or service, whether or not you are tied to it or not.

The other exception related to promoting yourself would be that you can promote yourself as much as you like on your own social profile, just not on the forums.

Harmful links – If anyone provides a link to content outside of Vegan Know How, you are solely responsible for what you may be downloading or clicking onto. However, that being said, if you come across anyone posting links that they shouldn’t be, whether the content is harmful in terms of what you’re seeing. OR if the content creates a virus on your computer or something similar, flag it and we will deal with it.

If you are posting any links that are harmful, depending on the degree of what it is, we may treat it in the same way as if you were promoting anything illegal.

Multiple Offence Bans

The following lists reasons why we would have to moderate content on the forum and repeated abuses of the forums in the ways laid out below will result in a ban. Depending on the severity, how often, and various other factors will affect the severity of the punishment and how quick it will end up as a ban. Bans may be temporary, or permanent, but you will be contacted each time an infraction is made, so a ban won't be a surprise.

Things that don’t belong – For starters, non vegan products should not in any way be promoted on this platform. If seen, depending on the context of the post, may end up as a ban. If unsure, send a message to one of the staff to find out if it’s acceptable.

Due to the fact we have plenty of young activists under the age of 18 or 16 in the vegan movement, we aren’t preventing them from signing up. Even if the website was 18+ only, we still would not expect anything sexual in nature to be on here, or promoting things like gambling and alcohol. The exception here would be open discussion about vegan alcohol (vegan bailey's), or recipes of that nature. 

Trolling - We're pretty good at recognising trolls after dealing with people who want to troll vegans for the last 2+ years. We don't have any tolerance for trolls because they serve no purpose but to make everyone's life miserable and bring more work. This may or may not be a multiple offence ban, it may be a one time offence, but we'll see how things go.

Flaming - If you've never been on a forum, this may be a new term. Flaming is basically just name calling, attacking, or generally just being toxic towards others on the forum. The purpose of the discussion boards are simply that, discussion. Flaming serves no purpose but to have people feeling negative. We've seen so much of this in groups where a discussion just turns into a war of insults, which is counter productive. We are all passionate to inspire change and sometimes you may disagree, which is ABSOLUTELY fine. What isn't fine is to then place your passion for the subject at hand into abusing other people online.

Spamming - Everybody hates spam, us included. The reason spam is a bannable offence is that spam doesn't really do anything but take away from meaningful discussion. Usually spam is the stuff that is obviously sent by a bot, automated and is unwanted and useless. Spam also includes content which has nothing to do with the section it's posted in, or the topic it's replying to. If someone makes a post about vegan cheese and your reply is to do with tiny houses, that's spam. Both vegan cheese and tiny houses have their place on the forums, but in their relevant sections. We have organised our forums in a specific way for a reason, use it correctly please. Which brings us onto the next topic.

Misuse of the forums - As mentioned above, we have sections set up for specific purposes. If you can't see a section for what you want to talk about, it probably doesn't belong on our forums. Although of course we accept there may be more we could add and are open to suggestions; If you think it should belong on our forums, head over to the feedback section and let us know about it. Misuse of the forums should generally fall under common sense. Ask yourself what is your intent with your post, is it to educate, inform, assist, debate, discuss, or spread a positive message? If it's in any way negative, maybe don't post it. Of course certain negative posts have the purpose of changing a bad situation into a good one, but that's a different story. If in doubt, ask the staff.

General Use

Complaints - If you have a complaint about a user, either resolve it with the person, or contact a staff member. We don't accept "52 mutuals with this scumbag" type posts and drama, and regardless of if they've posted or said something you disagree with and your solution is in this manner, you will receive a temporary ban or permanent, depending on severity. You can flag posts as something that breaks the rules, but we won't tolerate witch hunts, which are far too common nowadays in the vegan movement. 

If you have a complaint about us, or anything we've done, please tell us by writing to us, we aren't going to bite your head off. We aim to constantly improve and if we're doing something we shouldn't be, or saying something we shouldn't be, we'd like to know. We might not even be aware of a problem.

Disagreements are going to happen and we aren't perfect, but let's try to resolve issues in a progressive and adult way.

If you are a child - We accept anyone on the website and forums, including people under the age of 18. If you are signing up for an account, you are confirming you are doing it with the permission of your parent of guardian. For parents and guardians, if your child is accessing our forums, they may be subject to and be able to view graphic content. They will also be able to talk to people of all ages, from all over the world. We believe that children shouldn't be shielded from what goes on in animal agriculture, however we advise a conversation about safety online when talking to strangers.

Language and Graphic content - We don't believe in censoring language, so long as it's not aimed at someone (flaming), because it's a useful way of conveying your point. Obviously there are many better ways of conveying your point than to resort to cussing, but if that's how you want to get your point across, that's fine. If your post does contain graphic language, you should put the tag [GRAPHIC] before the title, so it's the first thing people see. If you are replying to a topic and you plan on using graphic language, put the same tag and then a few lines before typing your reply.

For topics and replies that have graphic videos of animal cruelty, you should use the same tags. We don't have a way to hide content like on other social media platforms, or have a spoiler tag, but we hope to in the future. Sometimes you want to chat to and meet vegans, but you're not in a place mentally where you want to be seeing cruelty, so putting [GRAPHIC] before your content pre-warns people giving them the opportunity to skip it and will make this a better environment for everyone.

General Online Safety - When posting anything, please be aware that other people can see what you post. With this in mind, be aware that posting any personal identifying information could land you in hot water. This means specifics like; work details, address, phone number, photos, family details (name of family can be security questions), names of pets (first pets name is another security question), date of birth, nationality. YOU ARE WELCOME TO POST THESE, but you are doing so with the knowledge that anyone can read it (so long as they have access to the section). Certain details are more of a risk than others, like nationality is common to reveal, date of birth less so. Please apply common sense and DO NOT upload pictures of your passport, drivers license etc.

Also, if you are a child, as mentioned above, be aware you could be talking to anyone and you should remember that people can lie on the internet. If you're talking to someone and they make you feel uncomfortable or suspicious of their intent, please contact a staff member.

Unfortunately there are horrible people in every demographic and some vegans are horrible people, for example; I once witnessed a woman wish a stillborn onto a pregnant vegan mother because she was so far towards being an anti-natalist, that she forgot basic decency.

So our advice to everyone is; please let us know if you are subjected to unacceptable behaviour or if anyone on our network makes you feel unsafe.

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