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You'll likely have seen that there will be a paywall incoming and that may worry you, but fear not. There is going to be a membership tied to our website, but you'll still have access to a large portion of our features. We will however be offering certain features and sections to those who decide to financially support the development of the network. Without that funding, this is an unsustainable model of business and won't last long. This has been entirely funded out of pocket up to this point and there's always a limit to that, especially with the kind of expansion we want to work towards.

What You'll Have Access to: Free

Social Profile: As a free member, you'll be able to use all of the social features except for private messaging. For now (as of early release) this will be available, but it will be restricted as the membership system is implemented. This is key: We will not be censoring you. This might not really have the same affect as being censored on facebook seeing as the demographic seeing your posts here are likely going to be vegan, but still... The censoring of vegans is becoming so blatantly obvious on the major social media platforms and it only seems to continue. You will not be censored on Vegan Know How so long as you don't break the small set of rules.

Forums: You'll have access to a large portion of the forums and can join in the discussion and create discussion. Due to anyone being able to sign up for an account, you may come across certain content that wouldn't be allowed, which will be moderated as soon as we have time, but depending on how many people are signing up vs how many people we have available to moderate, this may be more or less of a problem.

Our Network: You'll have access to view all of our news and other articles on the front page of vegan know how. You'll also have access to view the learn page which is our resource for all things vegan. Once the rest of our network is rolled out, you'll also have access to certain portions of those also.

What You'll Have Access to: Paid

Social Profile: As above, but you'll have access to private messaging and future features as soon as they become available, first.

Forums: You'll have access to all of the forum sections which will provide benefits due to the topics of discussion you are able to post in each of the sections (Trying not to make it too obvious yet). Unlike the free forum sections which will be more challenging to moderate, the paid sections will generally not have this problem and instead be of much higher quality.

Our Network: You will have access to the entire network and will receive prior access to the other parts of our network weeks or potentially months before the free accounts.

Points: This will make more sense if you read this post. As a paid member you'll receive various point rewards that won't be available to you otherwise. This will include shop points and event points. Each month you'll receive points as a thank you for supporting us. The event points can be (as explained in the article) used as a payment to other members of the community in exchange for all sorts of things. For example, you could request a piece of artwork, video editing, recipe creation or other similar things from other members of the community and pay them with event points. They would then have those points to do the same thing. We think this will encourage collaboration and will simply be a way you can expand the set of skills which you have at your disposal. More on the points for paid members in this post.

Secret Content: Creating good content takes time and commitment and often money, if you filter in the time taken, price of equipment used to make content and other prices. For paid members you will see access to content otherwise unavailable to free memberships. This will include our podcast which is in the works, along with other content like articles, guides, courses etc. In the forum section for paid members, you'll see relevant sections to post what you'd like to see and what you'd like to know about, which we will do our best to answer with content.

More to Come: As already mentioned in other places across the platform. There's so much left to be done and so many projects that have yet to be started, but they will come. It's also been interesting hearing from people about things that need to be created, some which are ridiculous and gave us a laugh, some which we are actually looking into. You'll be first in line to know about anything in the works and be a voice to aid in the direction of it's development.

Why are we introducing a paywall?

Simply put, growth. For us to grow in both size and quality, we need funding, that's where you come in. If you support what we're trying to do, you can sign up to a membership, either monthly or annually.

Growth: If we want to actually make any impact in the world, which is a main goal of ours, we need to grow to a position where the network is accessible to anyone and that has content which all sorts of people want to consume. When problems arise, they can get fixed quickly, and when any topic needs to be covered, there will be someone who knows what they're talking about to cover it. As the platform continues to grow there are all sorts of tools that need managing and perfecting, each of these requiring a hell of a lot of work. We hope that you'll join us as we improve our platform and grow into something we can all be proud to be a part of.

Moderation: With any movement it will attract negativity, no matter how positive the movement. Veganism is no exception to the rule and exemplifies that fact. When it comes to moderating and removing those who would bring negativity to the platform, whether through mocking or being aggressive can be manually moderated to an extent, there's still ways the negativity can seep through. Those who are removed will be removed and blacklisted by their IP to stop them continuing to misuse our platform, but before they are caught it doesn't stop them from doing damage and attacking members of the community. Applying a paywall creates a barrier between them and any serious content.

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