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Our points system will make a little more sense as the platform officially launches. Currently, I can only tell you what they will be used for, so you can start stockpiling, but the facilities aren't in place yet to start spending them. As the platform grows however, having earned points through contributions to the website, you'll be able to reap the benefits.

Regular Points + Event Points

The difference between event points and regular points is simply in the ways you can earn both, however the spending of them is limited to the same purpose. The points will act as a currency between users on the website to pay for services. We want to encourage collaboration between each of us and while sure this can be done for free, it might not be viable for someone who is highly skilled as an artist or a sound engineer or a tiny house creator to be doing work for free.

That's where the points come in. You can earn points by contributing to the platform and then use them as a payment for whatever it is you are in need of. Say you're creating a business but you have no skill in logo design, rather than going elsewhere, you can ask the community and offer up some points and if they want to take on the job, then the magic can happen. Then when they are in need of help they then have points to offer to draw in talent. We feel like sometimes even if your project is amazing, it can be difficult to get the ball rolling, so having some points can help you on your way.

For now, this is the main purpose of the points and how we see them being used, but more ways to spend the points and earn the points will become available later on. Regular points can be earned by everyone, event points can only be earned by paid members. The reason they are named event points is because at various points through the year when an event is going on, like for example veganuary, or during the vegan rights march, or around Christmas time, you will be able to earn some points.

For both regular and event points there will be competitions and giveaways of points that you can take part in at different times through the year, obviously being a paid member you'll have access to earn both sets of points.

Curation and Shop Points

Curation and shop points also have some similarities in that you can use both curation or shop points to buy merchandise from the shop when it becomes available. However items will require a different amount of curation points to shop points to be able to purchase with, to avoid bankrupting us of course!

Curation points can also be spent in the same way as event and regular points. You earn curation points by becoming a curator and developing great content for us, really simple. So while curation is a voluntary position, it does offer a benefit to you to become a curator.

Here's where curation points and shop points differ. Each month we will be releasing products that can only be bought using shop points, the run will be limited and unobtainable afterwards. Anyone will be able to earn shop points but it will be in specific events. Paid members will have access to a larger number of these events though.

Products that will be sold in the shop can range from apparel, stickers, accessories, tote bags all the way through to courses, access to podcasts, promotion space, and more.

Currently, there are problems with the points system. The idea behind all of the above points will still exist, but they aren't separate, so when you view your balance, you won't be able to see how many of each point you have. The way you earn the points will remain the same. Shop points, will not be implemented until later.


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