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Hello and welcome to the network.

I'm aware that this won't be viewed by thousands of people, but for those of you who are reading this, welcome to Vegan Know How. It's been a long period of development running up to this point and I'm so excited to share with you what I've been working on. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes and things you can't see yet, but they will be released soon enough and hopefully this will be an extremely useful platform for anyone in the vegan community.

I could talk for a long while about the platform I've created and the experience running up to the release, but I'll leave that for another time. What I wanted to talk about in this thread is what's planned for the next few months and possibly the future of Vegan Know How.

Tomorrow (It's the evening of the 28th Feb right now) when I release, I will be holding registration for the next few days/weeks or however long it takes until I have 100-200 members on the website, depending on how long it takes. Once the cap has been reached, I will be cutting off new members for the mean time until I get feedback on both


I'm aware there will likely be mistakes here and there, pages not displaying as intended, broken links etc, but I've tried my best to make sure everything is working. This has been a one man band up till this point and the last 2 years or so have been late evenings, early mornings, stress, setbacks, tech problems and all sorts of things I've never dealt with before so I'm very proud to get to this point. With the help of the original 100-200 members, I hope to get the website even more polished than current and take on improvements.

That's really all the next few weeks will be, testing and improving what's currently available and developing articles and content, nothing hugely groundbreaking.

So with that all said, please, go use both websites and feed back to me your opinions on what's been said, how things have been presented visually, and the points I've made. Tell me if you think it's biased or unbiased in certain places, what you think I can do to improve what I've written or anything I've left out. Tell me how the page loads, is it quick? Is it slow? Is everything a bit cluttered? Should I do more articles on a certain topic, or less on another? Let me know on the feedback section.

For those of you who actively participate in this, of course you will be rewarded for your assistance, currently through our points system. You can find out more about what this means HereI hope that you make a contribution not for just your benefit, but for the future of the platform being a tool for all vegans to use (and non vegans who want to learn).

I've mentioned this in various places, but in case it's still unclear, the purpose and future of the platform is as follows.

Step 1 (Release): Provide a place where vegans, or those interested in veganism can create a social profile and connect with others of a similar mind set. To have a space where you won't be bombarded with negativity, or trolled and mocked for trying to do a good thing (This refers to the social part of the site). To create an active discussion board which is set up to improve our lives, and creating well informed active vegans, by encouraging discussion and building of a community (This refers to the forums). To create a complete resource of absolutely anything and everything you could ever want to know related to veganism (This refers to the learn page).

Step 2 (Building Community and Content): The network was created purely because something like this doesn't exist, a platform built by vegans, for vegans. I saw so many people on facebook who when asking for advice and I'd give it, they would then say that they wished there was a place they could easily find out these answers without feeling stupid. Others saying that they wished there was a social network for vegans so they didn't have to keep joining niche vegan facebook groups to meet other vegans. Comments like these were inspiration that what I'm building is something that's wanted and needed. So as we grow as a community, I have tons of ideas to share, but it will largely be the voice of the community which decides the priorities and direction that we stick to. Until I have an idea of where exactly the direction of this platform needs to be headed, and a team to make it a reality, I will keep creating great content worthy of your time.

Step 3 (Building The Team): I can't do this alone any more. There's so much I want to do with the platform but I have my limits. Veganism is growing so rapidly and we need platforms like this to exist to act as springboards for the vegan movement. I will rely on a team of volunteers/curators (See Here For Details) and paid staff members to rapidly grow the platform, which will be funded by the community. Don't get me wrong, largely this will be a free resource, but if I want any serious growth I need to have a paid staff team (which will bring me onto my next point). There will be certain things which are offered to those who have chosen to purchase a membership with Vegan Know How. This isn't mandatory of course, but it's an option for those of you who believe in what I'm trying to accomplish and want to support the growth of the platform. Find out more Here.

Step 4 Employing Vegans: Separate to the staff team and the curators and volunteers, one of my big goals is to employ in whatever way possible, as many vegans as I can across the world. Another reason I created this platform is because I get a sinking feeling every time I think about having to serve animal products to people because of a job. Having to compromise on my moral values just to put a roof over my head. Thankfully, right now I don't have to do that, but for so many people this is just a reality they have to live with. A couple of years ago I had to smile while I asked customers if their beef steak which they left half wasted on their plate was to their liking. Then to run in fear from the customers who would always request me to make their barista coffee with real cows milk because I made it the best (I'm not going to make the coffee intentionally bad because I hate serving it, otherwise the milk gets wasted).

I'd rather not get into the details of how I intend to employ as many vegans as possible, because if the platform doesn't take off and I can't make it work, then it's all for nothing. But in my mind, rapid growth of the vegan movement means giving vegans all over the world the freedom to open a vegan business in their local area. In Japan and China, veganism isn't huge, but I know for a fact there's hundreds or thousands of vegans living there. Currently they're under the radar, but if they were able to quit their job and work for themselves, suddenly a vegan business has now cropped up in a random part of Japan and China and it gets people talking. I want to facilitate the creation of vegan businesses all over the world and I've got all sorts of plans on how to make that a reality (if we get to that point).

I hope that you'll join me on this journey and take an active role in helping me, and us, succeed.

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