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Activism Article

Possibly the most exciting for us is the activism section. We love to see the progress that we as activists are making and here, we can showcase and celebrate it. Often it can feel hopeless, that nothing we do is ever enough or that we are the only person in the world who cares, but that just isn’t the case. The activism section will have wins for veganism, interviews with activists, advice and tips for aspiring or current activists, and any activism news stories.

A few expected articles (Not necessarily from you, but some articles we expect will be written by someone, eventually):

– A look at the most effective (and least effective) forms of activism
– How to be an activist when you’re the only vegan you know
– Dealing with confrontation when you’re an introvert
– Why and how to focus your activism


Need Some Inspiration?

Not feeling inspired, but want to write something? Here’s some of our most recent activism articles.