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Blog Article

The most active section is the blog section and covers a wide range of topics, mostly to explain a particular subject logically. Often we see conversations happening on facebook on veganism and several key points are either not being talked about at all, or just being badly explained. Articles in the blog section will generally be longer than the other sections and generally will be more angled towards the voice of the author due to it being their opinion or their comments.

A few expected articles (Not necessarily from you, but some articles we expect will be written by someone, eventually):

– Why the most enthusiastic activists tend to burn out quicker (Gary Yourofsky)
– At what point are we trained to lose our compassion as children
– Why arguing on Facebook isn’t helping our case, why is the vegan community dividing itself?
– What to do when you can’t cook and there are no vegan restaurants


Need Some Inspiration?

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