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Food Article

The glue that holds us all together, food. This section will include anything and everything food, whether that’s a guide on how to veganise something, or a recipe in general. It will also include topics such as advances in the field of lab meat, plant protein, the future of plant foods, interviews with famous plant based chefs (hopefully), and news of vegan food events across the world. In addition we’ll have articles talking about non vegan foods, to put into perspective how well the vegan movement is doing.

A few expected articles (Not necessarily from you, but some articles we expect will be written by someone, eventually):

– Farmers are pouring away gallons and gallons of milk, but why?
– First the beyond burger, what’s next?
– Vegan chef named Masterchef beats out non vegan competition
– A guide to juicing and dehydrating your foods


Need Some Inspiration?

Not feeling inspired, but want to write something? Here’s some of our most recent food articles.