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News Article

News includes as you might expect, interesting stories from the world at large relating to veganism. Articles in this section will either not be very long as it’s not focused on the voice of the person writing it, but rather the story. OR the articles will be feature length journalism that isn’t available anywhere else, or is covering something already covered but in a new light or with new information.
*These articles are going to be the most challenging on striking a balance between whether it belongs in news, or does it bleed into becoming a blog.

A few expected articles (Not necessarily from you, but some articles we expect will be written by someone, eventually):

– That story of the woman spiking vegan food
– Breakthroughs in lab grown meat
– Animal welfare/protection legislation, environmental legislation etc being put into place
– Vegan stories and interviews which got national or at least widespread coverage


Need Some Inspiration?

Not feeling inspired, but want to write something? Here’s some of our most recent news articles.