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Changing The Game

Removing your hurdles and creating opportunities.

Creating Community

A community built by vegans, for vegans.

Encouraging Activism

A place for activists to thrive through collaboration

About Vegan Know How


There are so many websites out there which have parts dedicated to veganism and some that are solely dedicated towards information about veganism. However, none of them actually give us a place to interact with one another and celebrate the achievements we make.

We got tired of our social space for our vegan world existing within Facebook groups. We wanted a platform and network dedicated to veganism, so Vegan Know How was born. It’s a network of different websites each to accomplish a specific purpose, whilst all linking in a web of vegan goodness.

The main site, Vegan Know How, is the hub of everything and is home to both your social profile, and content on all sorts of topics. To encourage conversation and collaboration we’ve also created a discussion board which you can go to contribute your voice and comment on any of the articles you’ll read here. We’re excited to see what you have to say and will aim to keep interacting with you to see in which direction to progress the network as a whole.

As we grow, we will be rolling out the rest of the network which we’ll keep under wraps for now, but each of the other sites will allow you to contribute in a similar way. Whether that’s reviewing restaurants, hosting events, posting recipes, or something else, we’ve got plenty in store which we can’t wait to reveal.

Without a community however, this is all meaningless. The reason we are even doing all of this is we believe that we deserve a platform for us. The other reason we’re doing this is because everyone who we talk to about what we’re trying to accomplish usually says something along the lines of “That would have been so useful when I was a new vegan”.

We hope that you’ll join us in making this a community worth being a part of. One that encourages people to join the discussion and feel like they have a place they can call home in the online world. It can often be lonely and feeling that you are the only person trying to make a difference, but that’s just not the reality. There are thousands of others like you out there and we want to connect you.

“A vegan world is coming and we want to be a part of the generation that abolishes animal agriculture forever.”

– Vegan Know How. Yes, we just quoted ourselves.

Our Goals

  • Build a Global Workforce – Vegans are found globally, but veganism isn’t the thriving movement we’d hope in all corners of the world. We want to create a team with total freedom of movement, who are committed to getting the word out there effectively. See here to find out more.

  • Contribute To The Movement – Sometimes it can be difficult to judge whether you’re making the difference you want to be making, we’ve felt this more often than we care to mention. Through the tools we provide and the platform we are building, we know that it will make a huge difference in the lives of aspiring activists and educators, which we hope will be part of how we contribute to the animal rights movement.

  • Create Sanctuary – This will have been mentioned vaguely in other portions of the network, but what we want in the end, is to create a sanctuary for both animals and people. Somewhere you can go to disconnect from the crazy world we live in and just be with nature and animals and others who share your views. Maybe this sounds like a hippy fantasy, but that’s what we want to build. A place to hide all of our avocados and nutritional yeast.

  • Make New Friends – We don’t know about you, but we find it much harder to make friends as an adult. Not only that, but genuine friends and even rarer than that, vegan friends, and then the unicorn – Genuine vegan friends. We want to get to know and work with vegans from all walks of life, all over the world, and due to the freedom of movement we aim to create, to go and eat delicious food with all of these wonderful people.

Answering Some of The Questions You Didn’t Ask

These questions are more introspective than anything else, but hopefully you’ll find the answers somewhat useful.

Good question! Two reasons…

  1. Seeing as veganism is just a big cult (#sarcasm) by saying we, I’m hoping you’ll join us. One of us… One of us…
  2. The actual reason is because this project isn’t about me. It’s about you, the community, the audience, or at least the potential community and audience. In turn it’s about the animals and how we can help them.

On March 1st, we released the website. Between 2-6 weeks after the launch we will be introducing the paid memberships. By no means will you be required to pay for a membership, however with membership you’ll receive numerous benefits not available to you on a free account.

Two main reasons for introduce paid memberships are so we can actually create a paid staff team rather than just those who create content. This is the most important thing for us in terms of growth. If we have a team of people who can solely focus on Vegan Know How and not have to split their time between their actual job and this website, we will get much more done.

The second reason is a filter of sorts. We fully expect that as soon as trolls find out about our website, they will sound their troll horn and bring their friends. To act as a barrier to this, so the community can continue as a space for positivity and to actually make progress for the vegan movement, we plan to put a pay barrier between them and us.

On a paid account you’ll have access to other parts of the website which are otherwise restricted. This means both forum sections for serious discussion and the rest of the websites tied to the network which you’ll receive access to weeks or even months before everyone else. It will also mean you will have access to paid articles and content first which will eventually be accessible to the free accounts.

More details on this system will be released soon.

Feel free to refer to me as “The Creator” from now on, I won’t stop you.

I’m a Human from England, it’s been that way for many years, the England part. I’m not a website designer and I’m not technical in the slightest, so this project has been much more masochistic than I imagined it.

Besides veganism being something I’m very passionate about, travel and watersports are my other vices. Both travel and watersports have been more difficult to keep going with on the daily, but hopefully that can change at some point down the line. If you live near the beach and love vegan food, send me an invite and I’ll be eternally happy.

I also love languages, but have a habit of quitting learning when I feel more inspired by learning a different language. The main three are Spanish, German and French, so currently I speak patchy versions of all three. Japanese is also a big desire of mine to know, but I don’t like writing as it is and there are three alphabets in Japanese, one of them having over 2000 characters in it!

Well, that’s enough about me, or this will start to sound like a dating profile. You never know, I could be awaiting to reveal the dating portion of Vegan Know How… Vegan Dates, Now! (Spoiler alert, I’m not)

I’m going to hope this is an innocent question and not a judgement of the volume of work I’ve produced, but it’s been in the works for probably over 2 years now. Which is more of my life than I ever planned to dedicate to something which has been an eternal source of screaming at a computer screen saying “WHY ARE YOU BROKEN”.

As best as I could guess, the process of getting to this point has been as follows:

  1. Come up with the idea for a website with my partner at the time.
  2. Spend 2 months coming up with ideas, researching, talking to vegans about what they might need.
  3. Throw myself face first into the project 16 hours a day
  4. Discover that 16 hours a day consuming reading materials, videos, pictures, conversations that are all based around cruelty is a surefire way to have a mental breakdown… by having a mental breakdown.
  5. Spend the next year trying to figure out how to build the website and learning technical skills, play around with all sorts of different settings
  6. Rinse and repeat these steps in varying amounts until you get a finished website. If you want to follow this guide for creating a website, be aware that I left out somewhere in the range of 10-15 steps. All of them involve crying into a pillow.

I took a break at the end of last year because I had to get in a better head space. I was completely demotivated and not doing my best work, or just wasting time because I had no focus. I went to Canada and it ended up re-motivating me because I learned that the majority of the Canadian economy is built upon the ravaging of animals and the environment. I also had so many different conversations with people who would ask me about veganism.

Them: Why are you vegan, tell me about it
Me: We are destroying the planets, murdering animals, killing ourselves (This is a very short version of the conversation I had with them)
Them: Oh, well I didn’t know any of that, but as long as it doesn’t negatively affect me, I just don’t care.

Roughly 30-40% of conversations ended this way and it made me so angry. So I came home fired up and got back to work. What you’re seeing on Vegan Know How is only 2/6 sites that I’ve been working on.

Quotes On What We’re Doing

“It is not enough to be compassionate – you must act.”


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”


“During times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”


“I’m an animal rights activist because I believe we won’t have a planet if we continue to behave toward other species the way we do.“


“A social movement that only moves people is merely a revolt. A movement that changes both people and institutions is a revolution.”


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