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We wanted to create a platform that included anything and everything vegan related, whilst also giving you the freedom to use the parts of it which interest you. A multi site web of resources which can be contributed to by its user base and expand rapidly, globally.


Vegan Know How

Seeing as our platform is community based and largely guided by the global vegan population, we wanted the main hub to be focused on that. You’ll find articles here about anything from activism to product and restaurant reviews. To start with you’ll find many of the articles written by us, but as the community develops and content creators begin to surface, you’ll see a much more varied collection of content. In both the topics written about, but also the style and voice of the authors being drastically different, which we look forward to.

A few of our most recent featured articles:


While the articles portion of the community hub is extremely important, it’s effectiveness is diminished without any discussion, because otherwise this is then just a glorified blog run by us rather than a platform created by you, the community. By being a member, we want you to feel like you are part of something that shines light on important topics and is a key tool to educate and inform hundreds or thousands of people.

With this in mind, the forums is something we are putting a lot of work into to ensure that it’s intuitive, well presented and highly functional for its purposes. For each of the topics you’ll find on the front end, you’ll find a discussion page for it in the forums so you can voice your opinion and be heard. That’s just the start of it though, because there’s just so much to be said that we wouldn’t be able to fit it on the front end of the platform and still have it be manageable and clean.

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Vegan Networking

We wanted a social network that was built with the vegan in mind, not as an afterthought. Make yourself a profile and have access to many of the features you expect on social networks.

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For the future you can expect additional features and integrations with the various websites on our network, so that you can see everything you love and are involved in from your profile, so you’ll be the first to know if there’s any updates.



In the age of information we can get overloaded with input and so it can be difficult to decipher what you need to know and what you don’t. This is especially true for veganism because all the information is out there but it’s so spread out and in a lot of cases is not organised and presented in a way that is easily digestible and highlights what’s important.

The learn page aims to be a high quality resource to provide you with information on anything and everything vegan related but in a way that is user friendly, educational and understandable. While we only aim to produce content on what’s important, there’s A LOT of content to cover, so we advise treating it like a buffet and just dipping in and out of it in the sections applicable to what you’d like to know.

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Coming Soon

Currently you’ll be able to see only the learn page and the hub of vegan know how, but those aren’t the only parts of the network we want. We have so many different plans and things to do, but there just isn’t enough people or time to get it all done. We want to make sure what we are offering is presented well and of high quality, so until we’re satisfied, the rest will be on hold.

As soon as we get our team together, things will roll out smoothly. We’re excited to show you what we’re up to, so stay tuned.

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