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It’s not our opinion, but actual fact that when you work together, you can accomplish much more. This is even more apparent when it comes to making a change to the world in a vegan way. The more vegans we have, the more demand for vegan products there are, the less animals that are harmed and all is good in the world.

We want to apply the same logic to our work structure to make a more effective machine for veganising the world. If we were to work with only people in London, sure we could do plenty of work in the London vegan scene and some work online, but it wouldn’t be anywhere near as effective as let’s say 100 people dotted all around the world.

These 100 vegans can be organising activism events, fundraisers, outreach etc in their city, wherever that may be. Plus in terms of gathering information, there’s only so much 100 vegans living in London can do when it comes to finding out what products are stocked in grocery stores in Poland. Not only that, but there could be someone who has the potential for great work for veganism but can’t do so because they have to spend their time at a non vegan related job just to survive or provide for their family.

So, with this in mind…

We want to create a global workforce where, as long as you have an internet connection and some way to communicate with the us, and the rest of the team, you can be a part of it.

We think that working from wherever makes you comfortable:

  • Removes Distractions: If you’ve ever worked somewhere that you just don’t like your colleagues, there’s constant drama and noise, or other distractions? Well wherever you find that you aren’t distracted, you can go and work from there. Maybe you do thrive with noise and drama around you, that’s your thing. For those who don’t, they might do well elsewhere.
  • Allows For a Fulfilling life: For those who work from 9-5 they have to make sacrifices on what they can do when and where during the week. The same goes for working the evening/night shift. We’re all different and have different goals and wants and needs to be fulfilled, so having a schedule that allows you the time to accomplish those needs is necessary. After all, someone who is fulfilled outside of their work will be far more motivated when at work than someone who isn’t.
  • Increases Productivity: As mentioned above, being more fulfilled and with less distractions, you are more likely to be productive. Not only that, but the quality of the work you do, we believe, will be much higher because your mood is much better at work.

Does this interest you?

  • Travel The World – As long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, you can work from anywhere, either your home, or on the beach somewhere tropical.

  • Zero Commute – Don’t waste your time and money commuting to work or sitting in traffic.

  • A Vegan Friendly Job – Are you tired of having to compromise on your moral beliefs just so you can pay your bills? We were too, and are seeking to ensure as many vegans as possible don’t have to deal with this.

  • Varied Responsibilities – Do you feel like in other roles you have skills that are being unused or ignored? Do you feel like you don’t have room to try new things? We are looking for people who aspire to be more versatile and have multiple different skills.

  • Do what you love – We will actively encourage you to develop yourself because a huge part of veganism is self development (In our opinion). Improving your health, fitness, knowledge, skills etc.

Does this sound like you?

  • Self motivated, a high level of autonomy – We don’t subscribe to heavy handed managerial work, so this is important.

  • Honest – When we say honest, we’re focused on communication. Due to not being heavily managed and not being forced to work in one place, you must remain honest in communicating your workflow. Are you struggling with the workload? Could you take on additional responsibility? Aren’t you sure what you should be doing? Communication of such things is vital.

  • Deadline Champion – Important in all workplaces, but especially important to us. We have expectations for you as a staff member to have a certain work rate and will use deadlines to measure it. This will affect what kind of role we will be able to employ you in.

  • Enthusiastic and Passionate – Perhaps the most important of all, refer to our mission below where this will be explained in greater detail*

Our Mission

“Our mission is to create a network of websites geared towards making being vegan more accessible and easier for everyone.

We aim to educate and inform those who are unaware of the damage animal agriculture is doing and provide a positive environment for those trying to make a difference.

It can often feel like you are the only one who cares and the effort you put in to bring awareness to important issues goes unnoticed. We aim to change that by providing the tools you need and removing the hurdles in your way through community and collaboration.”

You’ll see our mission in various places across our network, because we want you to read it. If you’re looking to become a part of the team, you should take that mission onto yourself and radiate it outwards towards the people you meet.

Making veganism accessible and easier for everyone.

Eliminating the hurdles for people to succeed.

Educating and informing people of what they contribute to.

These are just a few of the goals we have and we want you to be thinking of when you’re working as part of the team. See here for a full list. We mentioned above that being enthusiastic and passionate are likely the two most important qualities for you to have.

We want people who are so excited to bring the vegan message to the world, to educate, to every day wake up and tackle projects that we have ongoing and to put your all into it. We hope you look at what we do as activism in itself and you would treat it with the same importance that you would physical activism. Or for those who haven’t done physical activism, we hope you’d take each task as a great opportunity to contribute to the movement.


Have look at our various roles and how the company will be laid out. As soon as we begin to construct our team we will be rapidly rolling out the rest of the network.

Our Foundation – Curators

We’re at a very crucial point in our inception in that we can’t yet introduce our paid system until we are up and running so we aren’t offering any paid positions – Those come later.

What we are doing however is to offer a position of curator, which is essentially volunteering. For the future even when we are in a position to offer paid positions (Which will actually be sooner rather than later. All income after paying hosting and other overheads will go into creating our paid team) we will be looking to employ those who have been curators. There are some reasons for this:

  • The Focus is the Movement – If you are willing to put your time and effort into something without the incentive of pay, then it’s a clear indication that you are interested in what it is you’re doing. This is key, because our focus is on the movement (veganism) and so should yours. We have no interest in employing anyone who’s goal is to pursue money and just tolerate the movement. As mentioned above, passion and enthusiasm is key. (Of course, we don’t expect anyone who wants to work with us is doing it to pursue the money, if your key motivation is money, you’re in the wrong place)

  • It works for us both – As a curator, you aren’t bound by a contract that states you will work a set number of hours and you will meet a certain deadline. It allows you to test the waters to see if our structure is something you’d want to be a part of. A vegan job where you can travel sounds good on paper, but it might not suit you. The same goes for us because we are looking for a very specific set of individuals to be a part of the team. There’s so much to do and we want to make sure that we’re a good fit for each other. If you aren’t a good fit for us and vise versa, it’s only to the detriment to the movement. (This isn’t to say if you don’t fit us then you are damaging veganism, but we’ll be a less efficient veganising machine if all the parts aren’t right).

  • You’re already integrated – The difference between curators and paid members will be zero in terms of the technical details. If you are to become one of the paid members of staff, there will be very minor work on the part of changing accounts, set ups etc. If we employed staff without a solid idea of how they will fit on the team and it turns out they aren’t a great fit, then it causes more admin work, which for a small team of a few people is time which could be far better spent.

Question: Why would you want to work for free?

Well, let us put it to you this way… Why would you want to volunteer at all, for anything? Have you done anything because you enjoyed doing it? There are so many things that we do in our day to day life that don’t offer us a monetary payout. You go to the gym, you make food, you chat to your friends, you play a musical instrument, read a book, all the while not earning money for it. You do all these things because you learn something, it fulfils a need of yours, or at the very least you had fun.

We also want to bring up organisations like Direct Action Everywhere, Animal Activist Collective, Peta, Sea Shepherd, Hunt Sabateours, The save movement. If you’ve worked with these you’ve been volunteering your time and sometimes even your money (either through donations, paying for supplies for activism, or even just the commute). You volunteer with these organisations because you support what they stand for and what they are trying to accomplish.

We hope that you’d want to contribute in the same way, or if you’ve never contributed, know that you have an opportunity to do so. We aren’t saying to contribute to us instead of them, because that would be detrimental to vegan activism as a whole. The more people we have on the streets intervening in animal agriculture, the better. However, you might not always have the time, money, or mental health in check to attend vigils and slaughterhouse shutdowns, chase down fox hunters, spend 6 months on a Sea Shepherd cruiser, or do physical activism.

Not to mention that you might not even be in a place where any of the animal activism groups even operate, or if you are, they might not be operating when you are free. If you have a day, an afternoon, an hour, or even 20 minutes then you’ll be able to make a difference by contributing to our platform. Rather than spending an hour on Facebook and Twitter arguing with people who DON’T want to learn about veganism, why not contribute to our platform where people will have arrived at likely because they DO want to learn. It’s by far more productive that way and you’ll save those extra shreds of your sanity.


How Will Our Structure Work?

While you work with us, you won’t be pigeon holed into one role. We believe that a challenging varied workload is key to encouraging your best work. Your mind is constantly engaged with new ideas from all sorts of different fields so you don’t end up going into auto pilot.

The roles will both be similar and different. Firstly where they are different…

Curators – as mentioned, will be where every paid staff member starts off. Initially we’ll be under the assumption that you are wanting to curate content as a hobby or just to aid the platform/movement. There will be no requirement to commit to set hours however there will be expectations of you as a representative of us and a colleague.

You will outline what your skills/qualifications are and where you shine to give us a good idea of what content to request of you and then we will move from there. You’ll be informed of what we’re looking for and it will be up to you to produce it. Your work quality reflects your potential capabilities as a paid member of the team and it should go without saying that work of a low quality will either be edited heavily to be used or not used at all.

 If you want to eventually be considered for a paid position, you can let us know when submitting projects.

Freelancers – The middle ground of curator and paid staff members. Freelancers will be called upon (Once our team is established, paid team included) when a task is not suitable for either a curator, or paid staff member.

Freelancers have a track record already of coming in to do a job and meeting the deadline/criteria that is set. Curators may wish to offer themselves for freelance work, we will use previously curated work to check the standard; quality and efficiency that we’d feel comfortable accepting.

Paid Staff – When it comes to paid staff, you’ve already got a good idea of how it will work and once being a curator, you’ll have an even better idea of what’s expected. The difference between curators and paid simply lies in that there will be certain additional commitment expectations of you.

Here’s Where The Roles Are Similar…

For anyone who provides work for us we’ll be grading the work provided along with analytics to get a good idea of their ability in a certain area. It will be used for future reference to understand who is capable of certain tasks and constantly delivers what we’re looking for. A certain piece of writing might perfectly fit one persons style more than another, or something else might be revealed to us over time.

When it comes to more exciting projects, it makes sense to provide it to those who are capable of doing it justice. So if, you are a curator looking to really make a name for yourself in cooking articles, recipes and anything related to food, then you would be the sensible choice for something that may have otherwise gone to a freelancer.