Coming Soon

For the first few months, whilst we work on building the rest of the platform and working out bugs, we will have community features disabled. For now, our communities will be managed over at facebook, instagram, and twitter. You can also join us on discord, where we will spend the next few months heavily active with our community by becoming one of our patrons.

Email Me When It’s Done

If you’d like to be in the loop about what we’re working on and when/what features are going live, sign up to our mailing list so we can tell you what we’re up to.


What will be included?

  • A fully working forum for discussion about anything on the network or about veganism/eco life world wide.

  • Social Profiles similar to what you’d expect on other social networking platforms. Friends, groups, followers, private messaging etc.

  • A points system like with reddit, to encourage our users to make valuable contributions to Vegan Know How, and the ability to spend those points on numerous rewards.